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Survivor Roundup review

Published September 8, 2013 by Book Junkette


Hello again, my sweet little cupcakes!!

Back so soon? Yes, I know!

It’s only because the wonderful author from my last review, Angela Scott, has me hooked on her books!!

This round is the second in the Zombie West series, Survivor Roundup!

Survivor Round up picks up a few months where Wanted: Dead or Undead left us yearning.

Yes, yearning my dears.

I did quite a bit of yearning..for about 10 minutes. XD

All is not well with our Red, Cowboy and the little family they’re come to care for.

Supplies are dwindling, the undead grow in number and it seems they MUST venture beyond the safety of their fort for provisions!

Oh my, no!

I worried, fretted, even bit my LIP, from page to page.

At times, my heart was in my throat, as the words whisked me away to a somewhat simpler, but ultimately more dangerous time.

Fiends can be forged in the most unlikely of situations, as Red and Cowboy are parted!!

Dramatic gasp!

Red finds a saviour in a sweet man, who does right by her in the end.

Cowboy winds up the unwilling object of affection to a young Indian healer.

Well, by today’s standards we’d call her a shaman.

Such power and knowledge in her mind.

I believe what amused me most was the healer’s wise cracking younger brother. Reminds me of my own sisters!

This time, we travel alongside the couple from the fort, to an abandoned, but zombie infested town, into an Indian camp, to the last place Red ever thought she’d return to..

But fear not! Our heros find more than they ever imagined in three most welcome new friends and return home!

Worse for wear, but happy in the end..

The third installment to the Zombie West series is due out in October!!

So feel free to twiddle your thumbs, lose all focus and wait, oh so impatiently, for the next book!!

I know I will!!

xx Tara


Wanted: Dead and Undead review

Published September 8, 2013 by Book Junkette


Hello my lovies!!

I am incredibly honoured to review a fantastically thrilling Zombie West series!!

The ever kind Angela Scott has given me a seekrit assignment, which makes me all kinds of giddy!!


I stumbled across her FB page through a friend, and all I can say is..

Zomg!! Old West zombies!!! Cowboys!! And Indians! Oh my!!

Now, like any normal child, I grew up watching spaghetti westerns with my grandparents.

All I can say is..WOW!

Angela really nailed it with these books.

From the first chapter, I lost myself in the story of Red, Cowboy and their tireless battle against the undead.

Seriously, hours passed before I even noticed I’d finished half the book!!

I love zombies. I love the Old West. An gods above know I luuuv me some handsome cowboys!!

Wanted: Dead and Undead combines all my loves into a thrill ride of epic proportions.

Red..Gods, is she fierce!

Such a sharpshooter, she can nail a zombie in the head while sober and drunk men alike can only hit the torso!

With one bullet!!

Tell me that’s not someone we all need in our lives. Hehe.


For shooting, he comes second. Sexy as hell, but I like having someone who can shoot!

Their journey is long, often dangerous and sometimes incredibly complicated.

Thank the gods for Wen!

A sweet Asian man who’s deadly in his own right with a sword!!

Rawr! Hawt!!

Sorry..just a moment..

From a small, nearly zombie free town, to an abandoned camp, cabin in the woods and ultimately a safe haven in the guise of a fort..

This book will suck you in, spit you out and leave you wanting MORE!

I know I do..


So please, check out Angela Scott’s Zombie West series, stop by her and let her know Tara sent you. 😉

Ta for now, darlings!!

xx Tara


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