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Fun on BOOKED!

Published September 11, 2013 by Book Junkette

Good evening, my delectable fudge covered brownies!

Did you miss me??

Rhetorical question; of course you did!!

So humble, I am. 😉

Tonight’s post is very special!!

The ever wonderful and talented Shannon Delaney, author of the 13 to life series and new Weather Witch trilogy, had an awesome and unique guest!

Natalie Zaman, author of Sirenz, Sirenz Back to Fashion and the incredibly unique Graven Images Oracle deck, tarot cards based on cemetery pictures.

Really pretty, honestly.

My sister and I were listening, while pondering our Halloween choices and working on my back.

Listeners had an option to call in and get their cards read.

Being the incredibly shy girl I am, was nervous.

Even posted that on Shannon’s even page.


Gabbie refused to let me back down, even dialed the phone and held it out, all the while signing “Chicken” at me..


Proud to say, I did call and have my cards read.

Has been some years since that happened.

I tried to keep my sister updated on the reading, while focusing on my question.

Incredibly hard, that.

The cards Natalie pulled brought tears to my eyes..

My question was: Would I ever be able to fully recover from my accident?

Four years ago, November, a passenger side door connected with me, sending me about 40 feet and knocking one shoe off.

The other stayed on..

It’s a daily struggle, no lie.

There is severe damage to my back, hips, knees and ankles,

Plenty of which has gone untreated due to lack of insurance.

As I get older, some issues get worse, others better.

Incredibly vexing, annoying and heartbreaking at times.

Natalie was sweet enough to pull a few more cards, without my asking and stated that my newest journey would pan out, I have incredible support and that eventually, things would work out for me.

Mind you, before last night, few knew of my accident.

It was before I joined social media.

My new project is this blog; reviewing and recommending books to anyone interested.

It started because I can’t sleep some nights, due to the pain, and forever reading books on my phone.

It’s scary, to put yourself out there; be you an author, blogger, reviewer.

But I did, and so far, it has worked itself out.

On that note, I leave you with just a few reminders, words of wisdom and links to these two inspiring ladies.

When driving:
PLEASE always check the crosswalk before going through!
If the lady had..I would never have been hit.

BE PATIENT at crosswalks.
Some days, I can barely manage a decent pace and having drivers go through, ahead of me, brings up my PTSD.

And this is most important..

ALWAYS put the phone down!
Chances are, the lady was on her phone, hence not seeing me.

In spite of the fact it was midday, I was more than halfway through and wearing brightish colors.

One of the few things that has helped is knowing my sisters, friends and adopted family would always be there for me.

No one wants that call, from the hospital, stating their child/mother/father/sibling was hit.

Hug your loved ones, tell them you love them as often as you can and cherish the time you have.

“They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but an entire lifetime to forget them.” -Words to live by from a dear friend.

Shannon’s radio show is hosted by Authors on the Air!


Natalie, wonderful lady that she is, has a nearly daily funny blog.

Behave, my delicious brownies!

xx Tara

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