Mah books!!

Hello, my tasty taffys!

Today, I am explaining the somewhat odd system of how my books will be broken down.


I should hope so!!

It’s amusing and fun!

Now..a great deal of the books I have/will be reviewing are e-books: Nook, Kobo, Kindle.

Others will be paperbacks/hard covers from my personal library.

Anything else will most likely be public library books.

Why explain?

Because I tend to catalogue all my books like this.

It’s the reason my GR shelves are kind of weird, I’d synced my Book Catalogue app on my Android phone and GR made it funky.

Oh, how I miss that app..

Apple has nothing even CLOSE yet, sadly.

Sorry. Side tracked.

There you have it.

All the random book catagories you will see as my blog moves forward.

Ta darlings!

xx Tara


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