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Sarah Noffke Kindle Sale!!

Published January 5, 2015 by Book Junkette

Morning my clotted cream crumpets!!

Just a quick post!

Super exciting!!

Sarah Noffke’s first book in the Lucidites series, , IS ON SALE!


FOR 99c!!



Who doesn’t enjoy a good sale?!


Go forth my darlings, spread the word and download!! ❤

xx Tara


Rhi Pie Kindle Freebies!!!

Published January 1, 2015 by Book Junkette

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Afternoon, my boston cremes!!

Happy New Year!

I trust everyone enjoyed it somewhat responsibly??

The Junkette household binged on The Bates Motel, season 1. We’re wild over here!

One of my good friends, and awesome indie authors, Rhiannon Paille, is having a KINDLE EXCLUSIVE freebie!

Not one. BUT TWO!!

How awesome sauce is that?!

The first two books in The Temperance Era books, City of Cruelty and Copper, and City of Riot and Ruby, ARE FREEEE!!!! until the 5th!!

How’s that for a way to start off the new year?!

Go forth and download, my darlings!!

And while you’re at it..Check out Rhi’s other badass books! I <3s them all!!


xx Tara


Published September 23, 2013 by Book Junkette

Afternoon, my salty caramels!

Today’s post is about Ella James’ Selling Scarlett being FREE on Amazon!!

Go snag it while you can, my cupcakes!! Not sure how long the sale is, so don’t pass it up!

I helped with the cover reveal, so being able to share this with my darlings is so fabulous!!

Remember to leave reviews!!


xx Tara

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