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Through Glass ARC review

Published September 25, 2013 by Book Junkette


Good afternoon, my luscious licorices!!

Today, I am incredibly excited but a little spooked!!

Recently, I got an ARC from the ever wonderful Rebecca Ethington, for her newest book, Through Glass.

Oh, how I loves this book!

Rebecca is a great writer, sweet lady and one of many indie authors I am lucky enough to call a friend. ❤

Being a blogger has it perks, I’ve meet new people: bloggers, reviews, authors!

Through Glass..

Wow. Just..wow.

Like any rational person, I was uber excited when Rebecca started posting teasers for this book on her fan page.

Even kept all the pictures!! Hehe.

Sorry for any typos I may miss, hands are freezing cold.

I love the way Through Glass starts, with Alexis avoiding homework, daydreaming about the smell of lilacs..and her crush!

Cue the sexy, boy next door please!




Sexy to all get out.

Everything I wish my next door neighbours were!!

Mmm. Cohen..

Ahem. Sorry.

Obviously need a Romeo fix.

Just as Cohen comes to realise Alexis is meant for him..

That he can’t run anymore..

They share a sweet, tender kiss..

That honestly left me more than a little flustered. >.>

The sky goes black.

They come down.

The Ulama..

Separated by 15 feet, the dangers of an outside world..

Our young sweethearts have each other..through glass..

Oh, the sorrow and agony I felt, tore at my heart.

Imagine seeing the one you love.

Never being able to touch.

To hug.

To kiss..

Years pass in this fashion; always yearning.

Always longing.

For such simple contact.

Until one day..

Every wish comes true!

Oh, my dears, if only life were that sweetly easy.

Our dear, brave Cohen is taken from Alexis.

Left truly alone in the world, no real hope.
With nothing else..

She walks.


Fights for her very life.

Even against someone that once, was so very close to her.

Alas! Fear not, my cupcakes.

All hope is not lost for our young heroine.

Just before her journey’s end, Alexis finds someone she thought gone forever.

Sadly, not Cohen.

No, not him.

Not yet..

We must keep our fingers crossed for Alexis, Cohen and any others that have survived this bleak, black world.

Because we must remember..

Stay in the light..

xx Tara


Early review: Beyond Control

Published August 31, 2013 by Book Junkette


Today’s review is incredibly special!

Why? Because I was oh so sweetly given access to Beyond Control by Karice Bolton early!!


This book tore at my heart strings, but more on that in a bit.

We all know what it’s like, when we think our lives, our happiness, everything really, has come together.

But at the back of your mind..you KNOW something is missing.

Never able to quite put your finger on it..

Such is the way with the heroine of Beyond Control, Gabriella. Gabby, to her friends.

Could it be the loss of her mother, at a very young age? No, but that could be a reason..

Years later, settling into her new “life” working at one of her dad’s companies, there was that constant little niggle, always asking..”Why CHEESE?”

Personally, I love cheese, but working to track it? Not so much.

Honestly, I’m surprised Gabby could stand it! The monotony was enough to make anyone cry.

The night of a celebration for her father, Gabby and her best friend accidentally rear end a “Grecian god’s” trailer.

Mm..Jason, the Grecian god is called and trust me, he more than lived up to the title.

Oh, did I mention he builds bikes?!

Ow!! Grecian god AND bike builder?! Yes please!!

Ahem..sorry about that.

From the moment I read about the Grecian god, I couldn’t put the book down!

Read it in two days, a new record for me, hehe.

The love, loss, heartache, joy, sorrow..it all feels so REAL.

This book absorbs you in it, forces you to forge everything else and just live along side Gabby, Brandy, Jason..

There are quite a few, unseen plot twists, that will alternate between making you want to cry, rip out your heart or simply do a little dance around your place.

Which I am not saying I did..>,>

There is no proof of it, and I’m not admitting anything!

Excuse me..hopped up on caramel corn.

The book ends on quite the plot twist, comes out this Monday, and is a well worthwhile read!

So go forth, my dears, and check out the first book in the Beyond Love series by Karice Bolton.

I assure you..won’t regret it.

xx Tara

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