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I’m aaaaliiiiive!..Most days.

Published September 12, 2014 by Book Junkette

Happy midnight, my caramel apples!

Tis I!

The one and only!

Completely fabbity-fab!

Tara! *Pose!*

There are no words for how sorry I am, my dear hearts, for leaving like I did.

Everything just..merged into a big, ole bag of What the Hell, combined with some Screw You, and a dash of The Fates LOATHE YOU!

Basically, it just got to me, and I couldn’t deal.

Between the issues with my dad, mom’s utter manipulation when she doesn’t get her way, the lack of jobs, and losing the love of my heart, Prince MoosiePants, I couldn’t cope.

For my sanity, retreated into myself and tried my best to focus on my sisters, our ferrets and finding a job.

It’s been a daily challenge, not going to lie about that.

Things are starting to look up, knock on wood, and I’m doing my best to get back into the thick of being the wonderful, completely insane, and off the wall junkette you all know, love, and adore.

I’m so backlogged on reviews..I could write one every couple of days, and it would still take months to get them all done!

Nice challenge tho. Hehe.

Look out world..

This mad junkette is back!!

Plus..there may be a story of my own coming soon..

Soon, my tarts..


xx Tara

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