Kiss of Fire review!

Published January 9, 2014 by Book Junkette


Evening, my sweet cakes!

As promised, here is one of two reviews, by a very sweet author, Rebecca Ethington.

Now, Rebecca is an incredible author, and I ❤ her books with a passion.

How could I not?!

Love, honour, sacrifice, friendship!

Everything you could want in a great book, and more!

Joclyn Despain.

Poor sweet Joclyn..

We first meet her on her 5th birthday, right before her life changes forever..

Years later, Joclyn’s a reclusive teenager with one friend: Ryland LaRue.


Since she was 5, Ryland is the only one who’s accepted Joclyn as she is, never thought her weird and stood up for her, even to the school bullies.

Despite going to a different, private school.

How sweet and endearing is that?!

Makes my heart melt just thinking about it.

We all need a guy like that in our lives..

Things change when Wyn, fellow oddball, arrives at the school, and quickly latches onto Joclyn.


Wyn has a stuffy older brother, Ilyan.

Creepy McStalker much??

From there..So. Much. Heartache.

Too much!

My heart broke at times, and yes, I did cry.

Go forth, my darlings, and read up the pretty that is Kiss of Fire!

xx Tara


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