Deadly Crush review

Published September 6, 2013 by Book Junkette


Hi everyone!!

Today’s review is Deadly Crush, the first in the Deadly trilogy by Ashley Stoyanoff!

All I can say is, zomg!!! I ❤ this book!

I can hear you ask, don’t you ❤ a lot of books??

Yes..yes I do.

I can’t help it! Sexy weres are my weakness! *dramatic swoon*

In this round, our heroine is one Jade Shaw, no relation, hehe.

Jade is strong, sarcastic, stands her ground, even when facing down those always bratty, wannabe alpha she wolves.

Basically, everything a girl could ever want to be in high school.

So why does Jade hate the weres? Because they stole something incredibly important to her.

Gods knows no one hates like a teen girl!

Trust me. Have a teen sister who frequently gives me the silent treatment via ASL.


Enter Aidan, our sexy, sexy, new to town were.


Immediately, he catches Jade’s eye. How could he not?!

Over 6 feet tall, scrumptious, obviously works out AND defends her upon the first meeting!!

Knight in shining armour?! Gimme gimme!!


Sadly, I forsee quite a bit of heartache, bumpy roads and utter betrayals in the future for Jade and Aidan.

Which is such a sad, sad thing, as obviously they are insanely attracted and meant to be together!

Le sigh..The world needs more men like Aidan, if only the wonderful Ashley could bring them to life OUTSIDE the book!

Yes, you heard me right.

This is another book that sucks you in, twists your heart and doesn’t let go.

The imagery is so intense, I often forgot I wasn’t there, in Dog Mountain, living, hating and ultimately fighting alongside Jade and her best friend.

So, my lovelies, check out this book, tell Ashley I sent you and enjoy it, as I have.

Remember: Authors ❤ reviews!

xx Tara



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