Early review: Beyond Control

Published August 31, 2013 by Book Junkette


Today’s review is incredibly special!

Why? Because I was oh so sweetly given access to Beyond Control by Karice Bolton early!!


This book tore at my heart strings, but more on that in a bit.

We all know what it’s like, when we think our lives, our happiness, everything really, has come together.

But at the back of your mind..you KNOW something is missing.

Never able to quite put your finger on it..

Such is the way with the heroine of Beyond Control, Gabriella. Gabby, to her friends.

Could it be the loss of her mother, at a very young age? No, but that could be a reason..

Years later, settling into her new “life” working at one of her dad’s companies, there was that constant little niggle, always asking..”Why CHEESE?”

Personally, I love cheese, but working to track it? Not so much.

Honestly, I’m surprised Gabby could stand it! The monotony was enough to make anyone cry.

The night of a celebration for her father, Gabby and her best friend accidentally rear end a “Grecian god’s” trailer.

Mm..Jason, the Grecian god is called and trust me, he more than lived up to the title.

Oh, did I mention he builds bikes?!

Ow!! Grecian god AND bike builder?! Yes please!!

Ahem..sorry about that.

From the moment I read about the Grecian god, I couldn’t put the book down!

Read it in two days, a new record for me, hehe.

The love, loss, heartache, joy, sorrow..it all feels so REAL.

This book absorbs you in it, forces you to forge everything else and just live along side Gabby, Brandy, Jason..

There are quite a few, unseen plot twists, that will alternate between making you want to cry, rip out your heart or simply do a little dance around your place.

Which I am not saying I did..>,>

There is no proof of it, and I’m not admitting anything!

Excuse me..hopped up on caramel corn.

The book ends on quite the plot twist, comes out this Monday, and is a well worthwhile read!

So go forth, my dears, and check out the first book in the Beyond Love series by Karice Bolton.

I assure you..won’t regret it.

xx Tara


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